A highly targeted job platform that just works


Jobsdental is an online job listing platform and marketplace powered by Swiss Dental Laboratories, a dedicated association supporting the Swiss dental technology industry. While primarily serving association members, Jobsdental also opens its doors to non-members through paid job postings and add-ons. In contrast to the main website of Swiss Dental Laboratories, this web app takes a more playful approach, using engaging illustrations to create a friendlier and approachable atmosphere.

The public platform of Jobsdental is designed for accessibility and ease of use. It’s available in three languages – German, French, Italian – and features a simple navigation system. Users can effortlessly filter job listings by type and location. Whether you’re a dental technician searching for opportunities or a practice looking to hire, Jobsdental makes the process of connecting within the Swiss dental community straightforward.

For registered users, Jobsdental offers a streamlined job posting experience. Users can create, preview, and manage job postings with ease, including the ability to edit, extend, reactivate, or duplicate listings. They can also upload logos and data to personalize their listings, and choose to enter descriptions directly on the website or through PDF uploading.

Moreover a transaction history provides insights into their activities and costs, ensuring full control over their job listings and expenses on the platform. Jobsdental empowers users to efficiently manage their job listings and tailor them to their needs.