Drag & Drop it like it’s hot

Casino Remix

Casino Bern has been an important social and cultural meeting place in the Bern region since it opened in 1909. As part of an extensive renovation, 30 of Bern's most popular musicians were invited to perform at the large construction site. Arillo and Formeldrei were commissioned to develop a concept to bring the performances to life online and to promote their dissemination on social networks.

This is where the music plays

We developed an interactive music mixer web app that allows users to create and share their own music clips. The compositions can be assembled from short videos of the performances using a simple drag and drop mechanic. Each mix is a unique creation that can be shared individually on social networks.

The right instruments

A particular challenge was to keep the Mixer interface equally user-friendly on both mobile and desktop devices. We therefore chose modern technologies like React, MobX and GSAP. They enable a simple and playful user experience where users can let their creativity run free.


Concept, Interaction design, Animations, Frontend Development, Backend Development 


Lead Agency: BOLD
Nik Leuenberger, Casino Bern
Lukas Iselin, All Tones
Fabian Steiner, Fabust Film
Roman Tschäppeler, Guzo