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NZZ Media Group

The NZZ Media Group, headquartered in Zurich, is one of the largest private media companies in Switzerland. Its portfolio includes many publications with high journalistic and aesthetic competence, including a number of major daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, radio stations and online portals. For a demanding client, we successfully worked with the WordPress specialists at Comotive.

The media group is the publisher of the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung," the oldest newspaper still published in Switzerland. As a recognized leading medium, the NZZ stands for competence, objectivity and accurate research. This all-defining claim finds its visual translation in the precise layout of the website. Clarity, high-class elegance and the courage to minimalism characterize the modular design system.

At regular intervals, the Group issues media releases to provide information about its activities. As befits work for a company with a journalistic background, importance was attached to visual stringency and optimum readability for the article pages.

Big money, big responsibility

One of the main target groups of the website are the shareholders of the media group. In the "Shareholders" section, shareholders have access to all the information relevant to them in a clearly structured manner. Share prices, key figures, financial reports and events are presented compactly and can be compared at any time for analysts.

Advertising for advertisers

Based on the design of the NZZ Media Group, a separate website was created for NZZ Media Solutions. Whereas the website of the media group mainly fulfills an informative function, the focus of Media Solutions is more on the advertising partners. A great deal of attention was therefore paid to the attractive presentation of the products, as well as a clear structure with user-centered usability.